A SERIOUS ILLNESS can make your ability to continue to work very DIFFICULT, if not IMPOSSIBLE. Major illnesses such as strokes or cancer aren’t covered under other insurances such as TPD, but these illnesses can have a major impact on you and your family’s life. Trauma insurance pays out a set amount if you were to be diagnosed with a major disease or injury, such as cancer. This will help cover

TOTAL and PERMANENT DISABILITY COVER provides cover if you were to become totally and permanently disabled. This type of insurance can cover your; debts medical costs any future costs of living including extra costs which will be incurred due to your disability. Taking out total and permanent disability cover is a very complex undertaking, each insurer defines ‘totally and permanently disabled’ differently, some disabilities might be covered, other types may not. Some

What If… ….your family had to cover the mortgage without you? ….your family couldn’t afford to pay for the children’s education without you? ….your family couldn’t afford to keep the house, the car, take a holiday… None of us likes to think of what our family’s lives would be like without us, but it is important to do so – if we want to ensure that they will be adequately

Insurance is often seen as one of those costly, annoying facts of life…that is, until you need it. When you do, it becomes a enormous, sometimes life-changing, asset. After all, life is great! You’re income is covering your needs; you may have a home and family; you’re content with the way things are – so why do you need more insurance? How secure is your future? You can’t predict accidents