It’s not very often that you may receive a windfall of some sort, and it usually comes as a surprise. Most people are unprepared for an inheritance, and as it often occurs after the loss of someone close, the emotions and stress that come with an inheritance make it harder to make good decisions about how to properly use this money and how best to manage it. Whether it is

ARE YOU PAYING TOO MUCH TAX? Would you actually like to keep the money you earn, instead of giving half of it away every week? Contrary to what you may have heard, tax minimisation is COMPLETELY LEGAL . Arranging your tax affairs correctly, can reduce the amount of tax you pay, and it can be reduced by a lot! It’s not just for the mega rich either, even if you are

Don’t get stuck paying the fee’s to a fund that not right for you! Don’t mistake a bull market for a good fund manager!  A MANAGED FUND works by pooling your money in with other investor’s money, this cash can then be used by the fund manager to invest in a diverse range of assets, including; different shares different companies major infrastructure developments property commercial developments. The advantage of putting your

Did you know that over half of the richest 100 Australians have made their fortunes from property? Media moguls have come and gone, mining magnates are losing their fortunes left, right and center, but the property investors have stuck in the top spots for over 30 years and their fortunes continue to grow and grow. The compounding effect of property investing is a great way top create wealth if you

Want to get started in the Stock Market? Do you know where to start or what your looking for? Investing your money in shares is a great way to grow wealth, but it is also one of the most confusing things to manage or to even get started. This is why most people just give up and either spend their money or even worse, leave it in a boring old