tdp-insuranceTOTAL and PERMANENT DISABILITY COVER provides cover if you were to become totally and permanently disabled. This type of insurance can cover your;

  • debts
  • medical costs
  • any future costs of living
  • including extra costs which will be incurred due to your disability.

Taking out total and permanent disability cover is a very complex undertaking, each insurer defines ‘totally and permanently disabled’ differently, some disabilities might be covered, other types may not. Some insurers even offer coverage with no medical checks and for low prices, these types of insurances rarely cover everything you would need in the event that you do become totally and permanently disabled.

Taking out the wrong coverage could mean if you were to become disabled, you and your family would really STRUGGLE to cope with the mortgage, the living costs and your care, leading to a whole host of financial and emotional problems.

Contacting the team at YouFInance is the first step to protecting yourself and your family against this scenario. YouFinance has over 25 years experience in the industry, so you can rest assured knowing you will get the right cover at the right price.

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