SuperannuationDo you know the state of your Super?

Are your Superannuation fund management fees outstripping any profits?


Are you one of the many Australians with more Super accounts than you can remember, set up by every different employer you’ve worked for?

(If you are, your Super may be part of the $18.2 billion held in the more than 6 million lost Super, or ATO held, accounts as at the end of 2013.)

At You Finance we are committed to putting everyday Aussies back in control of their Super, by:

  • tracking down all your Super accounts
  • finding the best Super solution to achieve your retirement goals
  • consolidating your Super into the best solution for you
  • reducing fees and saving you money – after all, it’s your money, for your retirement.
  • Your Super risk-versus-return?

A 1% saving in fees may not seem significant now, but it can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement.

Is Retirement Too Far Away?

For many, thinking about having adequate retirement funds now may not be a priority – and we get this. It often ranks lower in importance than career concerns, home loans, and family. BUT, here in Australia we have compulsory Superannuation, because the fact is, you ARE going to need it.

The sooner your Superannuation is set up properly to achieve your retirement goals, the better off you will be. And to make this as easy as possible for you, our team of professionals at You Finance are able to assist you, and streamline the whole process.


You can begin with a no-obligation Free Super Review: a review that will give you the confidence to either confirm that your super is well managed and working for you, or that it needs some attention to get into the best shape possible.

From there we can work with you to determine your goals, what your ideal post-work lifestyle might be, and then find the solution to put your money to work for you. Together we will make a ‘Super team’!

When you choose to work with You Finance, you draw on over ten years of Super experience. You will be able to tap into the services of specialist Accountants, Financial Advisers, and Investment Advisers – each of whom has access to current research and the best material to help make the right choices for you.

If you are confused by Superannuation and would like some plain talking, uncomplicated guidance, we invited you to contact us today – a 2 minute phone call could save you years of embarrassment in retirement.

If you think you’ve got your super working for you, a second opinion will cost you nothing – but it WILL give you peace of mind.

The friendly professionals at You Finance welcome your call today on 1300 275 092.