• Want to get started in the Stock Market?
  • Do you know where to start or what your looking for?

Investing your money in shares is a great way to grow wealth, but it is also one of the most confusing things to manage or to even get started. This is why most people just give up and either spend their money or even worse, leave it in a boring old term deposit.

  • If you invested $10,000 in the right shares just 12 months ago, you would have made over $3,000 in profit, compared to a $400 return on a term deposit. But invest in the wrong shares and you could have lost everything.

That’s right, wherever there is a big reward, there is always a big risk, especially if you are going it alone, and this is where a financial adviser comes in handy. At You Finance we live and breathe the stock market, and align ourselves with industry professionals with years of experience to make sure your portfolio is moves in the right direction.

  • Do you really want to spend another year watching your money sit in the bank doing nothing, or wondering how to get a piece of those big bank’s billion dollar profits?

Share prices jump and drop every second of everyday, delaying for just 5 more minutes could mean you miss out on thousands of dollars. The sooner you get started, the sooner you start making money.

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