There are many different kinds of trusts you can set up for yourself or your business in order to best suit your needs. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, from family trusts to fixed trusts, choosing the right trust is a complex process. The team at YouFinance has over 25 years experience in the finance industry, and can help you in every step of the process when you are setting up a trust.

Why should you set up a trust?

Many people set up trusts to provide future income for their children which is protected by law. There are also many tax benefits from having a trust account set up, including income tax reductions, capital gains tax benefits. A trust can even be set up to earn interest and give out these earnings to charities both in the present, and well into the future, leaving a long-lasting legacy for future generations.

As well as setting up a trust, managing a trust can be an exhaustive process, this can also be taken care of by the team at YouFinance.

Contact us now if you are thinking about setting up a trust, and we can talk you through your options and explain exactly how it will all work for your own specific situation.

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