What If…

….your family had to cover the mortgage without you?

….your family couldn’t afford to pay for the children’s education without you?

….your family couldn’t afford to keep the house, the car, take a holiday…

None of us likes to think of what our family’s lives would be like without us, but it is important to do so – if we want to ensure that they will be adequately looked after, even in the event of our death.

Insurance is often seen as one of those costly, annoying facts of life…until you need it.

In times of need, insurance becomes an enormous, sometimes life-changing, relief. This is particularly so when families are trying to cope with both the emotional stress of losing a loved one, and the prospect of ongoing financial burden.

How would your family cope without you?

Most people can’t bear to consider what would happen in the event of their death, but in reality how our family would cope without us is a subject we can’t afford NOT to think about.

Investing in a good life insurance policy is the easy solution to ensure your family is looked after when you are no longer here to provide for them.

Life insurance can mean mortgages are paid out, the children’s education is covered, and your family have what it needs to maintain a the lifestyle that you would want for them.

When deciding on the type of life insurance that is right for your particular situation, at the right price, it is vital that you get unbiased, professional advice.

At You Finance we have over 25 years experience in finance and insurance. We know the insurance providers, the different types of cover they offer, the elements you need, and the ones you don’t. In short, we do the research that you don’t have time to do.

Life Insurance is one form of insurance your family can’t afford you to overlook – and we invite you to discuss your needs with us, without obligation by ……..[phoning/emailing etc]

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