Insurance is often seen as one of those costly, annoying facts of life…that is, until you need it. When you do, it becomes a enormous, sometimes life-changing, asset.

After all, life is great! You’re income is covering your needs; you may have a home and family; you’re content with the way things are – so why do you need more insurance?

How secure is your future?

You can’t predict accidents or plan for cases of poor health that may prevent you from working.

What would happen to the happy state of your home and family if you could no longer work?

Consider this example: If you are now 30 years old earning $70,000 and lose the ability to work – by retirement age you would have lost over $2.6 million in earnings.

How would you service your debts?

Even if you were only out of action for a few months – how would you service your debts: your car payments, your mortgage, rates and bills etc. How would you put food on your table?

The good news is that we have Income Protection Insurance – a special type of insurance that has been designed to protect your most important asset: your ability to secure you and your family’s financial well being.

You may have heard about it, and you know that it’s a great idea, but perhaps it all seems too hard? Well…

Hassle-Free Income Protection Insurance

The You Finance team knows only to well that there are dozens of companies offering Income Protection Insurance – and that the coverage, benefits, and costs, vary widely. It’s confusing! But we have over 25 years of experience upon which we draw, to help our clients, just like you, to select the cover that is right for their particular situation. We definitely don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution!

With your You Finance team on the case, you don’t need to jump on the first option, or worry whether you’re choosing the right one – because we do the research for you.

Answer The’What if?’ Question

We all know that accidents happen when we least expect them – accidents through which every day Australians lose their ability to work. We don’t want you to beone of the uninformed uninsured – those who are left floundering, with no way to cover their loss of income when an accident or illness leaves them unable to work.

We invite you to call our friendly and professional You Finance team today to discuss, without obligation, how we can find the Income Protection Insurance that is a perfect fit for you.

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