About Us


The founders of YouFinance wanted to be able to give others the opportunity to gain the knowledge and insight they have accrued from years of experience in the financial industry. Every individual deals with finance whether on a small or large scale and the team at YouFinance is dedicated to providing tailored advice to YOU, to help you build yourself a better financial future.

About us

YouFinance is a complete service wealth management, wealth creation and wealth protection organisation. We offer services for superannuation, investments, insurances, financial planning, home loans, commercial loans, accounting and tax.

At YouFinance we offer targeted and strategic advice tailored around each and every individual. With over 25 years’ of experience, our team is devoted to ensuring that we utilise our resources and knowledge to improve our clients’ state of wealth.

YouFinance has a dedicated team of experts whose goal is to give everyone the opportunity to be financially wealthy, but also to protect that wealth and ensure that it is managed in the most tax effective manner.

Our mission is to provide expert and honest advice, which we deliver through maintaining close client relationships. No client should feel like a number, particularly when dealing with an important matter such as their wealth. That is why at YouFinance, we are passionate about providing exceptional personalised service by ensuring that we are thorough and that our clients are always in the know.